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Virtual Drug Dealer
Version 3 BETA
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Yet another release of this great game. This time the only MAJOR difference is the Cop Battle Engine. Which sucks right now, but it will only get better. The source to this project is getting way to big. But oh well, as long as people like it. I'm sure there are a few bugs in this. If you find a bug or if you think I should add something to this, or take something out, you can e-mail me at Also feel free to edit/modify/hack this all you want, just as long as you give me some credit, and you can put it on your own page just link to mine, thank you.

All you have to do is select the drug you want to buy from the menu on the left, and then click the "buy it!" button. It is the same thing with selling the drugs except you click the "Sell It!" button, obviously. There are random events that will happen that can affect the prices of the drugs, if a drug is cheep you better buy it, and when the drug gets expensive, sell it. Thats all there is to it!! Anyway you have 31 days to make as much money as you can.


Version 3 BETA
Bug Fixes
Added a cop battle engine, do you like it or not?
Replaced DXM with Meth

Version 420 X2
Tons of bug fixes.
New Look.
Minor improvements.

Version 420
A few more drugs... DXM, Ecstacy, Peyote.
A way to keep track of your high scores.
Using style sheets to change the look of everything.
A trench coat, to give you more of a challenge.
More random events - you can get busted now.
Tons of little details and bug fixes.

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